Urban Search & Rescue Services

Command and Control Support

PA-ST1 will send a small group of team leadership to assist the Incident Commander with the ICS system and the management of any larger scale or unusual emergency event.


PA-ST1 will dispatch a Structural Collapse Specialist or an Engineer if appropriate, to evaluate damaged buildings to determine emergency and recovery needs.

Rope Rescue

Technical high angle rescue is both infrequent and high risk.  By the nature of the Urban Search and Rescue Team, we have many technical specialists in the rope high angle arena with many certified to the NFPA 1006 Rope 1 & 2 level.  Technical assistance or the entire Team can respond as requested by command or as the situation dictates.

Confined Space

Urban Search & Rescue often results in void space searches and medical care in confined areas for long periods of time.  PA-ST1 can dispatch a small group for technical advice,  medical care or the entire Team if appropriate.

Surface water rescue

PA-ST1 is equipped with significant water rescue assets.  Many team members have achieved NFPA 1006 Surface Water certifications and spend considerable time in the water rescue environment.

Structural Collapse

Urban Search & Rescue was born for Structural Collapse.  While many of our training topics involve various rescue disciplines, this is the call where we thrive.  Again a small element to assist, or the entire Team can be requested based on command and local resources capabilities, desires and needs.

Structural Collapse

Rescue Medicine

Taking care of people in bad places is a very critical part of PA-ST1.  All of our Medical Specialists attend a week long FEMA US&R Medical Specialist program working in the most austere conditions imaginable. We focus on taking medical care to the patient no matter what situation they find themselves in.

Rescue Medicine